who we are

QYT Electronics Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales, service and delivery of solutions as one of the radio communications equipment manufacturers and solution providers. The company is headquartered in Quanzhou, Fujian province, mainly responsible for the company's related product hardware development, production, sales and engineering services, the company also provides customized services as well as personalized, differentiated products (OEM/ODM).

our products

product family

QYT is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing of battery packs, chargers, antennas, audios and carriers for two-way radios. We continue to develop and improve our products based on the needs of users. Our high-quality products.

Technology & Support

Choosing QYT as your communications partner ensures your solution is designed, deployed and supported by experienced service professionals, who listen to you, understand your requirements and deliver innovative services with integrity.

You will experience flexibility to customize your network to exacting requirements and the freedom to work with your preferred suppliers and technologies. That means enhanced network performance, positive user adoption, mitigated risks and safer workers – and an enduring, collaborative partnership for the life of your network.

Customer Service

Technologies, tools and ideas to predict, plan, identify and customize a communications solution that guarantees the right fit.

Continued, ongoing assurance and expert support for your equipment and your people for the life of your network.

Working with QYT has these benefits for your organization:
Flexibility and freedom
Greater network performance
Positive user adoption