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Q:Why use a walkie-talkie in a situation where mobile phones are so popular today?

A: The kidnappers are asking a million dollars in return for the release of their hostageWith the rapid development of science and technology, mobile phone penetration has been very high, the World's first mobile phone was released by Motorola in 1985-cellular, its name originated from its huge volume. Mobile phone development So far, the volume is getting smaller, more and more rich Function. With the development of smartphones, the worldwide penetration rate is increasing, and now it has become an essential item in our daily Life.

walkie-talkie, as a product before the mobile phone has been available, with the development of science and technology is likely to be eliminated?
Why is it that the use of walkie-talkie has become more widespread today when smartphones are so developed and popularized? Walkie-Talkie technology was first produced in Jittery's 20 's, born in Westinghouse's laboratory. A quirky inventor named John Kermode was "whimsical" in order to automate the sorting of postal documents, and at that time every vision of the application of electronic technology was a Novelty. His idea is to make a walkie-talkie on the envelope, the information in the walkie-talkie is the address of the addressee, just like Today's zip Code. For this Kermode invented the earliest walkie-talkie logo, the design scheme is very simple, that is, a "bar" for the number "1", two "bar" for the number "2", and so On. then, he invented the basic components of the walkie-talkie reading equipment: a (capable of emitting light and receiving reflected light) to determine the reflected signal bar and empty method, that is, the edge positioning coil, and the use of the method of measurement results, namely the Decoder.
(transfer from Baidu Encyclopedia) As an early product, today's walkie-talkie function is also becoming more and more perfect, in emergency communications, military, security, fire, railways, hotels, public places, entertainment venues and other places more and more widely used.
So the walkie-talkie really can not be replaced?
The answer is Yes.
First of all, due to the characteristics of the walkie-talkie: efficient instant, anti-jamming, stability, confidentiality, not restricted by the site, group calls and so on specific functions, creating a walkie-talkie can not be replaced by the status of Smart Phones.
Efficient instant: walkie-talkie from point-to-point launch, send and receive instant, in the phone dial signal has not been launched, the walkie-talkie has completed the launch, reception, playback and other functions, is not comparable to traditional mobile phones. Anti-jamming: the anti-jamming of walkie-talkie, not only reflected in the magnetic field, unstable force fields, all kinds of signals, but also reflected in the ultra-high temperature, low temperature interference can work under the characteristics of Normal.
In the environment of high temperature and low temperature, mobile phone often can not play its due function and function, and walkie-talkie in these interference under normal work, is a special environment irreplaceable communication products. Confidentiality: walkie-talkie unique ctcss, dtcss functions, so that users can avoid and other users also in the use of walkie-talkie other user Frequency.
Voice secrecy can disguise the call content, making it difficult for unauthorized users to understand the Content. Not subject to site Restrictions: walkie-talkie from point-to-point emission, can be used without a signal base station, is the traditional mobile phone can not do.
Away from the signal base station and launch tower, mobile phones can not be used, the role of walkie-talkie to replace the user with a specific environment for communication role of good Alternatives.
Group Call function: walkie-talkie can be one-to-many transmission and transmission of signals, call and transmit content when the number of received signals is not limited, can be described as Youboy. With the development of amateur band in our country, the approval of Radio Management Committee and the civil frequency band have been Opened. More and more "ham friends" have chosen their favorite radio communication equipment, not only can communicate with friends, but also can use the "scan" function, and the nearby "ham friends" communication, This unique social way, is the current social development and the emergence of new ways to make friends, So it seems that the walkie-talkie not only will not be replaced by smartphones, but in our daily life is increasingly widely used.

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