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    Service in a timely response to the benefits of 24 hours in the timely response to customer service needs; 72 hours to give a solution to the problem of customer complaints.
    Products, life-long service QYT Electronic products to implement the design life of life-long service system; to provide free technical advisory services, warranty period of nonhuman for trouble free maintenance; warranty and maintenance of human failure only charge the corresponding hours fees and spare parts costs.
    Maintenance cycle commitment to the end product maintenance cycle commitment: since the receipt of the machine, the end of the 3 working days to complete the repair, vehicle and system components within 5 working days to complete the repair (non spring and benefit electronic self research system components within 10 working days). Note: round-trip transportation time, due to the customer's reasons for the delay is not included.
    System products maintenance commitment system products, including engineering construction, maintenance, maintenance, fault repair, expansion, renovation, relocation, on-site duty, etc.. System products need to service engineers to the scene, I guarantee that the user is located in the city of 24 hours, within 48 hours of the branches within the city.