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VHF Single Band Mobile Ham Radio

Model:VHF Single Band Mobile Ham Radio

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The Analog Mobile Ham Radio KT-780Plus(VHF) own fashionable appearance, with color LCD screen, is favored by large groups of users on the market. Don't just be attracted by its gorgeous appearance, it also has powerful functions. Optional 12V power supply, 100W output.
Excellent performance in steamer shipping, port programming, working on base and large truck transportation industry.
The QYT KT-780Plus(VHF) features 256 channels on vhf, 200 channels on uhf, with CTCSS and DSC, channels scan and DTMF technology. It includes Lone worker mode, an emergency alarm and VOX capability. Programmable function keys on the console, a hand microphone with programmable keys, a built-in LEDs and a DTMF keypad.
The QYT KT-780Plus is also repeater capable and compatible with all brand analog walkie talkie and mobile ham radios.
Power cable besides the standard cigarette lighter power supply, we also have the Adapter which use household electricity consumption input voltage of 220-240V AC/DC and an output voltage of 13.8V DC±15%.
USB Programming Cable to connects your QYT radios to your computer and software to programming your radio!
The KT-780Plus(VHF) Kit includes:
DC power cable
Mobile mounting bracket
Mounting hardware
User's manual

A cars and boats mobile radio, optional 12V power supply, 100 watts output, long range suitable for various scenarios.
Steady signals and strong penetration make it unique.
Product Origin:Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Item NO.:KT-780Plus(VHF)
Shipping Port:Xiamen, Shenzhen
Lead Time:less than 100pcs 2-5 days

General Specifications

Frequency Range

VHF: 136-174MHz

Channel Capacity

256 channels on VHF

Channel Spacing

25KHz, 20KHz, 12.5KHz

Channel Step

2.5KHz, 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 10KHz, 12.5KHz, 15KHz, 25KHz

Working Voltage

13.8V DC ±15%

Squelch way

CARRIER / CTCSS / DCS / 5Tone / 2Tone / DTMF

Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature






Receiver (ETSI EN 300 086 Standardized.Test)

Wide Band

Narrow band




Channel chioce






Spurious Rejection



Audio response

+1~ -3dB(0.3~3KHz)

+1~ -3dB(0.3~2.55KHz)

Signal to noise ratio



Audio distortion


Audio output power


Transmitter (ETSI EN 300 086 Standardized.Test)

Wide Band

Narrow band

Output power

VHF H 100W (16A) M 50W (9A) L 20W (6A)

Modulation Mode



Channel Power



Signal noise ratio



Parasitic harmonic



Audio response

+1~ -3dB(0.3~3KHz)

+1~ -3dB(0.3~2.25KHz)

Audio distortion